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I’m the kind of person that’s never been especially photogenic. I don’t like smiling.

When I was born, my sisters thought I looked angry. The baby pictures are fairly damning.

I got laughed at in school for being “too serious”, and my sarcasm ostracized me.

I spent most of my time exploring books and music, being labeled the “moody artist”.

I cannot tell you how many times complete strangers have told me that “I should smile more”.

When I create though, I can't stop smiling.

Art is joy.

A tangible piece of the beautiful mess that I am.

My seriousness turned into beauty, and something I can share with others.

If you think you aren't creative, I can help. 

If you are an artist struggling with creative blocks, I can help.

My passion is creation and my heart is coaching others to feel the same.

I am a moody artist, after all. 


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