Survival is something I know well. We are very familiar with each other. 


Let’s use these common terms to elaborate the concept, shall we?

How often have you yourself heard or said:


“...just to get by...”

 “ what I have to do...”

“ could always be worse...”


But what if it could be 




I survived. But I wanted to thrive.


For a while, I was fixated on leveling up to prove to myself that I was no longer the child of scarcity. But my mind was still a prison to my scarcity because it was the story I had known, so it was the story I unintentionally created.


Doing the dirty work was going to be a process. I dug in, healed myself, and found that creation flowed out of me effortlessly. I had to break free from the comfort zone of surviving that I had known for so long.


And shortly after, I wrote my book.


I changed my life.  


When we are existing in survival mode, there is no room for creation. If you are being chased by a bear, you’re not thinking about creation. You’re thinking about what you need to do to not die. 


Creation comes from expansion and ease. Creation flows when you are in the flow. 


Creativity Coaching is my flow. I fiercely believe that we are all creative, whether we like it or not. You create your mood, your outfit, your home, your coffee, your meals…


What if you could create with intention?


If you are a creative, I am honored to help you find more depth and success in your business.


If you think you are not creative, I am honored to prove you wrong. 


Join me for my one-month intensive, catered to your needs and goals. We will start with an email questionnaire to build the groundwork for our journey together. 


Our first call is the most fun! We will set goals for you based on your questionnaire feedback as well as our initial conversation.


We will then meet weekly for one on one calls, structured lightly to allow for candid conversation with guided visualizations. 


You will have access to me via email or the Marco Polo for on-demand support in between. 


I pride myself on my intuition, and my willingness to be vulnerable. I've worked with doctors, marketing strategists, artists, and coaches alike. I am gentle yet I will hold you accountable with objective observation and experience. I will hold space for you and all of your needs while cultivating your creativity and teaching you how to hold the same space. 


“To be someone you’ve never been, you have to be someone you’ve never been.”


Brittany Josie

What clients are saying

"I am so happy to have worked with Brittany. She has helped me discover what was blocking my creativity. Brittany has an amazing energy and she helped me see things from a different angle which helped with my approach to the challenges I have been facing with. I love working with her."


"I am so grateful to have worked with you. You came along at just the right time when I needed to learn how to take care of myself so I could leave the toxic relationship I was in. You are one of the kindest and most compassionate people I have ever met. You are so well-suited for this type of work. Thank you for the time and energy you spent with me!"


"I love you. Thank you so much for your time. You gave me the permission I didn't know I was looking for to invest in myself and my creative pursuits. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


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